Goals and Intentions

January 1, 2019

Happy New Year! Whether you were in bed by 8:30 or made it to midnight, I hope you all rang in the new year with a bang. As fun as this time of year can be, I always find myself feeling a bit let down when it all comes to an end. After months of festivities, good food, family, and rest, it can be difficult to have reality set back in. What is helping me is to set my goals and intentions for the year. I wanted to share those goals to help keep me accountable, encourage you, and maybe have you jump on board with some of them with me!

I know I will have more along the way, but these are the main ones that I want to focus on, in no particular order.

Expanding my cooking experience and try/create new recipes

Continue to develop this blog and my personal brand

Build our savings account back up after buying our car last year

Incorporate more HIIT and functional training into my workouts

Drink alcohol less frequently

Spend more time reading the Bible and praying

Find and get plugged into a church

Spend more time in nature

Last year was a major growing year (I wrote about some of it in my last post here). Looking back on 2018, so much happened that has helped shape and stretch me. While these goals listed above don’t have any magic to them, they are going to be things that help shape 2019. I am filled with expectation and excitement about what this year is going to hold for me.

What goals and intentions have you made for 2019?

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