Coping with stress

November 13, 2018

Does anyone ever feel like THEY HAVE NO TIME to fit everything in their day or week? I wish I felt at zen as I look in this picture, but that is not the case! Sometimes it feels like no matter how hard I hustle, I’m constantly gripping for more time. Then on the days I do have more time, my mental capacity is shot. Anyone else feel that way?

That’s been me the past few days weeks months. Sure, I have weeks that I feel way on top of it, everything is organized, and I even feel like superwoman. Then I have others like last week/this current one. You see, I am currently working full-time as an account manager, a full-time student, attempting to be a good dog mom, looking for ways to boost my experience in nutrition, work on this blog, exercise, clean, and have time for friends and family. My mind is always telling me that there is more to be done. I have a hard time sleeping sometimes because my mind is racing with what I want to accomplish the next day. I never used to have that problem, but now it almost seems commonplace.

So what to do about it?

I don’t believe we should let stress rule our lives. While there is definitely a “spectrum” of stress, I believe that it comes down to a choice. When I feel myself starting to get those feelings come up and even start feeling sick from stress, I stop my thoughts and take a step back. What helps me the most is feeling like I’ve accomplished something. Then when I accomplish that, I move on to the next thing, then the next thing, until it’s all done.

Another thing that helps me cope with stress is giving myself little “rewards” for accomplishing something. These can be really little things, like walking downstairs to grab a cup of coffee, but the mental and physical break it gives does wonders. No surprise, but exercising is a HUGE stress relief for me. I really try to be mindful during my workouts that that time is set apart for me to better myself. When those stressful thoughts creep in or I think I should be doing something else instead, I stop and remind myself that this time is for me.

It is so important to take control of our thoughts and not let them take control of us. What are ways you cope with stress?





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    Boy, I hear ya about stress. It’s a battle of the mind for sure. I find what gets me stressed the most is feeling scattered in my thoughts with my to-do list and the fear of forgetting things — especially this time of year. So, duh, make a list! When I finally do that I can almost feel a physical weight lift off my shoulders. Seeing the tasks written before me helps me focus and feel that sense of accomplishment when I can check things off.

    Starting the day with prayer and Bible reading also really helps to ground me and I try (not always successfully!) to ask for the Lord’s help during the day. Some great scriptures that settle me are Psalm 23 and 91.

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